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the Stella Co-mmitment

The Stella Collective is growing and we are becomming a big role model in our communities, to our team, and to all of our lovely couples and freinds who chosoe the Stella Collective to be a part of their celebrations. 

Life is worthy celebrating whether it is big or little moments- and most often we celebrate the most important day of our couples lives with them. We are in the business of making happy moments. But while we celebrate, we realize that there are big issues, tough moments, and hardships that our community faces. 

As a company, we would like to give back to causes in the community and nation that require action and donation; things near and dear to our hearts. We see a lot of couples come through the doors of our venues and enjoy our food at what is one of the best days of their life! It is a great opportunity to encourage donation and raise awareness to such issues. We will be giving our couples the option to make a minimum of a $100 donation to the charity of our selection and in return the Stella Co. will remove $100 off of their final invoice before payment.

what its all about- our current cause

As a women owned and operated company, who employs a vast majority of women, we have chosen Planned Parenthood- Shore Centre Waterloo Region as our donation focus. We have been working on this initiative for quite some time and have a large list of charities we would like to do donate to, but given the news on June 24, 2022 with the overturn of a very important constitutional right for woman, we launched. Women's rights are worth the action and we are striving to make sure no Canadian woman ever has to face, or worry about facing, the devastation, violation, and loss of autonomy that is prevalent in The United States- one of the most influential governments on earth. 

If you have read this far, thank you.

sending love always,