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the stella story

3 young women standing on a bridge in St. Jacobs

Hi there - it is so nice to meet you! 


We are the Stella Collective -- a group of brands developed by 3 best friends through our love of food, wine, planning, and celebrations.


Our names are Trella, Stephanie, and Kristi. The "Stella" name comes from Stephanie and Trella's university nickname, which was also "Stella" (clever, right?). For the past 15 years, we've committed ourselves to learning everything we can about the hospitality industry and how to make it an even richer place to be.


Our love for hospitality has developed and changed over the last twelve years, starting in restaurants, shifting into catering and ultimately ending up as wedding venue owners and hoteliers. We all have such different personalities, strengths, and fine, we'll admit it - weaknesses, but we also know how to work off of each other to be our very best selves. Who knew that when "Stella'' was studying for the LSATS they'd end up here?


Our team is filled with vibrant, smart, independent, and respected individuals with their own incredible gifts in the world of hospitality. As we grow, our promise to our past and future clients is to maintain our core values and put our clients first, while always respecting one another. 


If you are a Stella collective client, couple, or friend, you can be sure that you are in the best and most caring hands out there. There isn't much we wouldn't do for family, and Stella is the definition of family. 


We are excited to meet you & work together - let's get creative! 

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