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10 signs your partner is going to propose – insights from real Stella Couples

It’s the age-old question: are they going to propose or aren’t they?

Are they going to propose or is my friend just asking me to get my nails done?

Are they going to propose or did they just need to have a one on one chat with my parents?

Are they going to propose or are they taking me on a random date for the first time in a month?

Whether you and your partner have talked about getting engaged or not, it can be hard to tell when that question Is coming. That’s why we polled our Stella Couples and asked them how they knew their partner was going to propose.

Here are 10 possible signs your partner is going to propose:

1. They had a one-on-one with your parents

Let’s be real – this doesn’t normally happen. So if they suddenly need to pull Mom or Dad into the kitchen for a “quick chat,” there might be something else going on. Here’s hoping your parents don’t spoil the surprise!

2. Your friends take you out to get pampered

Whether they take you to get a blow out, get your nails done, get a haircut at that fancy local barbershop, or go to a spa, you’ve got to wonder why. Are they just being nice, or have they been tasked with keeping you occupied while your significant other sets up an elaborate proposal?

3. They’re being SUPER nice

Not that they aren’t always nice to you, but you know what we mean – they’re being unusually nice, to the point of being suspicious. Did they do something that needs forgiveness? Are they popping the question? Only time will tell.

4. They’re being SUPER awkward

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s nothing more suspicious (and confusing) than your partner being awkward around you all of a sudden. Are they acting nervous because they’re suddenly scared of you or are they sweating because they have a ring-sized box hidden in the top cupboard? Asking for a friend.

5. You notice a big withdrawal from the bank account

If you and your partner share finances, you’re bound to notice when a big chunk of money goes missing. Unless there’s a new truck in the driveway or a pool-shaped hope being dug in the backyard, they might just have bitten the bullet and bought your dream ring. Feel free to check your statements to be sure, but it might ruin the surprise.

6. They ask for your ring size

This one feels pretty obvious, and probably should have been the first thing on our list if we’re being honest. Very few people would suddenly be interested in the size of your hands or the contents of your jewelry box if they weren’t already, giving you every right to be on high alert for a proposal.

7. There’s a photographer following you

We don’t know about you, but it would be both strange and slightly terrifying to turn around and see someone snapping photos of you and your partner as you’re out for a stroll through the park. So in this case, chances are pretty good that your significant other has something up their sleeve and hired someone to capture the magical moment.

8. They suspiciously walk into your house with a small bag

Have you ever looked up to see your significant other holding a small bag and instructing you not to peek? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Whether it’s close to the holidays or not, small bags or boxes with strict instructions not to snoop smells like a proposal to us!

9. They tell you to “dress up a little” for your date night

When it comes to this scenario, there are really only 3 options for this request:

  1. They want to show you off (in which case, aww – cute!)

  2. They want you to put some effort in because you haven’t washed your hair in a week (no judgment from us, we’ve all been there)

  3. They know you would kill them if they popped the question and you weren’t wearing something special

10. They straight up tell you

No explanation needed. Sometimes cutting to the chase is the best option.

Did any of these scenarios sound familiar? If so, you might just become a fiance in the near future! Better yet – you might be our newest Stella Couple!

Feel free to trust us or not . . . but don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Did we miss a sign? Let us know on Instagram!

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