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5 reasons why you don't need a wedding rehearsal

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of things people will tell you you need to have:

  • A wedding cake

  • A first look

  • An incredible dress

  • Unbelievable florals

  • And so much more

Something else that usually makes the list is a wedding rehearsal. Often referred to as a rehearsal dinner, a wedding rehearsal is an opportunity for you and your bridal party to walk through your ceremony ahead of time to make sure everyone’s on the same page, know where they’re standing, and know when to go.

Sounds important, right?

Well, we’re actually here to give you 5 reasons you don’t need a wedding rehearsal. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.


1. You don’t need the practice

Let’s be real – by the time you’re planning a wedding rehearsal, you already know how your ceremony is going to go down. Whether you’re working with a wedding coordinator (maybe one from The Stella Co?), a wedding planner, or doing it all yourself, you’ve spent more than enough time organizing your day and working through every possible scenario.

You’ve done your homework, you’ve made your plans – time to shift your focus to enjoying the last few days of your engagement.

2. Your coordinator knows what to do

As we just mentioned, you’re probably working with a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator to help bring your magical day to life. In that case, stop stressing about a wedding rehearsal! While you’re planning your wedding once, your coordinator or planner has already done it hundreds of times. Part of their role is ensuring that every element of your wedding – especially the ceremony – goes perfectly, and they have more than enough experience to make sure that happens without additional practice.

They’re the experts, so trust them!

3. Officiants are less excited to run them

Similarly, your officiant does not need any more practice. Like your coordinators and planners, they’ve run so many weddings that they can do it with their eyes closed – especially since ceremonies are their specialty. Whether you’re getting married outside, at a beautiful unique wedding venue (Cellar52 or The Timber Barn, anyone?), or at City Hall, your officiant is more than capable of making sure everything goes as planned.

Not only that, but you might be surprised by how hesitant your officiant is to say yes to running a wedding rehearsal for you. With so many couples anxious to get married, their time is filling up quickly with other ceremonies they have to prioritize.

4. It’s an additional cost

Something to consider in the wedding rehearsal debate is what it will cost. Most wedding venues will charge you for early access to the space or to book a separate date for a wedding walkthrough, so why not save yourself the money? Weddings are already expensive enough without having to pay for additional services you don’t really need.

5. It distracts you from time with family and friends

This is really the biggest consideration when deciding not to have a wedding rehearsal. At the end of the day, rehearsals are often about the time you get to spend with the people you care about most. That’s why most couples choose to host a rehearsal dinner (with a heavy emphasis on the dinner) at a nice restaurant or someone’s home to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.

Shifting the focus from any actual rehearsing to the quality time spent with your family and bridal party is the perfect way to relax, destress, and enjoy the lead up to your big day. Take the time and money you would have burned on a wedding rehearsal and reinvest it in a glorious dinner or cocktail night with your closest friends. We’re confident you won’t regret making that decision!


Bottom line: focus on the dinner, not the rehearsal

Ultimately, the choice of whether to have a wedding rehearsal or not is yours to make. However, chances are you’re most excited about the opportunity to spend more time with the people who are most important to you: your partner, your bridal party, and your families. The best way to do that? A beautiful dinner or evening together, away from the stress and busyness of wedding planning.

So feel free to use the term “rehearsal dinner” if you want, but please – don’t rehearse! You’ll be glad you shifted your priorities to what really matters.

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